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Lancer letter is your source of the best freelance news and resources delivered every two weeks. Curated by the folks at

Lancer letter is your source of the best freelance news and resources delivered every two weeks.

Curated by the folks at

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Setting up your work portfolio 📝

They say, "a portfolio is never really finished". We agree, but given that it is one the first things your prospects see, having a great portfolio can significantly boost your ability to land awesome jobs.In this issue we bring you resources that can help you…


Remote education opportunity

According to UNESCO, over 1.5 billion learners in 165 countries were affected by COVID-19 school closures in March 2020. Surely, a new pedagogy is emerging and online learning is a key contributing factor.As a freelancer, how can you ride this wave and contri…


Automate your busywork

How we wish that we had more hours in the day! A problem that is all too common - whether you are a freelancer or a small business owner, too many things to do and not enough time.In this issue, we explore tools & techniques that can automate some tasks o…


Structure your day, get things done!

Are you working hard or smart? Do things always go as planned for you? Are you frustrated because you're not able to achieve your goals?All of us have experienced that plans don't work. Doesn't mean we shouldn't plan. Like all skills, planning also requires c…


Pricing strategies, productization

One of the most common problems freelancers face is with pricing. Beginners tend to panic and just blurt out a number when asked for price. Experienced folks have a hard time as well.In this issue, we discuss the topic of hourly vs value-based pricing and how…


The full-stack freelancer

We're staring at an economic recession right now. Though the times are tough, they are ripe for making a well needed pivot in our lives. Instead of taking it lying down, can we as freelancers rise to the challenge and expand our horizon?In this issue, we expl…


The "new normal" and thriving as a freelancer

First things first, our heart goes out to all the people and families that are getting affected because of the racism related chaos in the United States. #blacklivesmatter.


Trend spotlight - online tutoring

We felt that our previous website was not doing a good job of helping our visitors. So we re-did it. Took us a full 28 hours to build, along with a couple of weeks of research into content and presentation. Please visit and let us know what you think.


Coping up with the pandemic

Freelancing has its perks but it can be mentally challenging at times (especially now). Meet Leapers, a community that supports mental health of freelancers. They have a very helpful slack group and a ton of resources to help you cope with the pressures of be…