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Coping up with the pandemic

Coping up with the pandemic
By Jen at • Issue #1 • View online
Welcome to the issue #01 of Lancer Letter. In this issue, we bring you the resources to cope up with current situation with the pandemic.

Your mental health
Freelancing has its perks but it can be mentally challenging at times (especially now). Meet Leapers, a community that supports mental health of freelancers. They have a very helpful slack group and a ton of resources to help you cope with the pressures of being a freelancer.
Supporting the mental health of freelancers and the self-employed - Leapers
Finding work
Freelancers all over the world are facing a number of challenges given the pandemic. We thought a refresher on finding clients is in order. Here is an old but useful read that takes us back to the drawing board.
It has created havoc, that’s given but not everything is terrible. This article from Forbes has some insights on the status quo and where things might be headed. 
A freelancer's guide to the coronavirus downturn: jobs, resources and support networks
And here’s a list of funds that can help you navigate this downturn.
Remote Work
Freelancers are generally used to remote work, but just in case you are not and are struggling to work remotely, here are a few really good resources.
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