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Pricing strategies, productization

Pricing strategies, productization
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How to increase your income?
Breaking the Time Barrier: How to Unlock Your True Earning Potential
One of the most common problems freelancers face is with pricing. Beginners tend to panic and just blurt out a number when asked for price. Experienced folks have a hard time as well.
In this issue, we discuss the topic of hourly vs value-based pricing and how changing your pricing strategy can help grow your income manyfold.
The Ultimate Pricing Strategy To Charge What Your Time Is Worth
While revamping your pricing is one option, another option worth considering is to build and sell your own products and services. Here are 100 productized services to get you started, to build a scalable income source depending on your skill set.
Useful apps
Remotestories - Share your experience as a remote worker.
Reads and resources
The power of the weekly review - Ness Labs
Chatter and other interesting
  1. A wonderful thread to cheer fellow freelancers
  2. This tweet on choice you have as a freelancer to work anywhere!
  3. Reddit conversation on - Client blocked me for clarifying payment amounts
  4. A Mountain Of Potatoes With Nowhere To Go
  5. Are home hydroponics a tech trend or the new victory garden? - Forbes
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