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Structure your day, get things done!



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Structure your day, get things done!
By Jen at • Issue #6 • View online
“Plans are of little importance, but planning is essential.”
― Winston Churchill

Are you working hard or smart? Do things always go as planned for you? Are you frustrated because you’re not able to achieve your goals?
All of us have experienced that plans don’t work. Doesn’t mean we shouldn’t plan. Like all skills, planning also requires constant practice. In this issue, we explore different ways by which you can improve your planning.
Plan your day
How to Schedule Your Day When You Freelance or Work From Home
Build habits and routines
Tiny Changes, Remarkable Results - Atomic Habits by James Clear
Tiny Changes, Remarkable Results - Atomic Habits by James Clear
How to Create a Daily Routine That Sticks
Want to learn more on the topic of organising yourself? Read this book - Eat That Frog. If a book is too long for you, here is a 4-min video where the author gives tips to structure your day
Though it is essential to plan, we must be prepared to deal with unexpected things and our own tendency to not follow through on our plans. This article gives 5 strategies to help drop an anchor when things are out of your hands.
What about taking breaks?
A part of structuring your day is also to take breaks that improve you focus. But taking breaks doesn’t necessarily mean we start checking newsfeed or social media on our phones. Here are a few options.
Useful apps
Reads and resources
8 Productivity Habits Of The Most Successful Freelancers
Chatter and other interesting
  1. Why it’s OK to not be OK right now - HuffPost
  2. This tweet thread on sending cold emails
  3. Time blocking - Elon Musk way
  4. Get a personalised recommendation on which productivity method is right for you. Take this awesome quiz by Todoist.
  5. How to move from a five-day workweek to a four
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- Jennifer
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